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Spencer is where General Aviation Lands

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Thun Field, Puyallup, WA
Airport ID: KPLU

Poly-Tone Color Chart

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Please Note: This color chart is for basic illustration.
Due to variations in computer monitors, web browsers and other influences,
the colors will vary from the actual reduced and dry paint after application

105 Insignia White 110 Juneau White 117 Glacier White 120 Daytona White 125 Tucson Cream
131 Diana Cream 132 Sun Valley Ivory 136 Lemon Yellow 139 Federal Yellow 140 Orange Yellow
142A Christian Eagle Yellow-Orange 143 Cub Yellow 145 Lockhaven Yellow 146 OEM Yellow 151 Everglades Green
156 Portland Green 157 Cubby Trainer Green 160 Forest Green 165 Lakeland Blue 170 Bahama Blue
173 AN True Blue 176 Insignia Blue 177 Christian Eagle Blue 180 Cruiser Orange 182 Pumpkin Orange
183 International Orange 187 Christian Eagle Red 189 Madrid Red 190 Tennessee Red 191 Pontiac Red
195 Santa Fe Red 196 Boston Maroon 197 Stinson Maroon 203 Elsinore Brown 205 Bermuda Tan
208 Olive Drab 208A Federal Green 210 Polar Grey 212 Oak Green 213 Ag Cat Grey
213A Federal Grey 215 Dakota Black 219 Jasper Grey 220 Nevada Silever 222 Rancho Silver
240 Champion Yellow 242A Ag Cat Yellow 301 Reno Gold 318 Piper Trainer Blue 361 Christian Eagle Purple
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